Saturday, March 19, 2011

twenty-eight years and many of them happy!

image circa 1981

how awesome is that picture?! we don't still look like that. but yesterday, march 18th, marked the date of our 28th anniversary. wedding anniversary, that is. bilbo and i. together for 28 years. and if you add the three years we were together before we got hitched, well, that's a looooong time!

but i still love the dude and, amazingly, he still loves me! we celebrated by dining out at olive garden, or as i like to call it- "the garden of eatin' ". oh it was soooo good! here was our menu:

we were served a glass of reisling 
then the stuffed mushrooms came along

then salad and bread

then our entrees were served- seafood portofino for my honey

 and ravioli de portobello for me

 OH, it was so good!!!! we were very full at this point, even though we had both managed to save half of our entrees for lunch today. we wanted something sweet (and who wouldn't?!), so we decided on coffee and this

 well, actually, you get three of these, your choice. they were quite yummy too. so we rolled home and undid our pants and agreed that was a great way to celebrate ALL our many years together. let's hope there are many more, cuz i can't wait for all those dinners!!!

very grateful for:
1. my ole hubby
2. good health
3. many reasons to be happy
* all food images, except for the wine glass, courtesy of olive garden restaurant*


  1. That photo is amazing!! Just a couple of cute little kids!
    SO glad you had a delicious anniversary. Hope you get to eat your way thru many more... :)

  2. Oh my, I am drooling over that delicious food. Now I am weeping because I am having leftovers tonight.

    Hey your hair doesn't look the same color in that pic.???

  3. yes, and my hair is not that big now either!!!

  4. Hey you guys!!! Happy #28!!! Woo-Hooo!!!! So awesome!!!

    And...that's a GREAT picture of you two!!!

  5. OMG I just gained several pounds reading this!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary - you guys are the cutest!! Your name for Olive Garden is cracking me up!

  7. Many, many more happy anniversaries to you two gprgeous kids! I am so happy for you both...weren't you too adorable all those years ago, and you just got cuter as time passed! Love that you're happy and that you celebrated in a style that becomes you :) Happy, happy days! Hugz. xxx

  8. Happy 28th, You sure are right there, but who does look like they did 30 years ago. Hey Jo, those are still the same glasses. Right?
    Look forward to seeing you this summer. Love to all, Aunt Towel

  9. Happy Anniversary Jo and Binky! Wow!! 28 years, how wonderful

  10. Yaaay! Happy anniversary!

    Your dinner looks amazing! I'm glad you guys had a good time.