Wednesday, August 11, 2010

fireflies in my stomach

so, my online pal, yael, wanted to know what new music i had discovered. i will, again, remind you all that i am not quite up with current trends and such. so this "new" music is actually a year old but it's new to me!!

here is fireflies by owl the song, love the video...enjoy!

check out his other songs too...

grateful for:
1. air conditioning in my house
2. air conditioning in my car
3. air conditioning in the stores


  1. Cool song!! Cooler video! Must be all that AC... :)

  2. 6 o.clock in the morning - first cup of coffee - with fireflies!
    Thank you Joanne!!!!

  3. LOVE it and I have never heard of it until this very day. Thanks!!

  4. OMG, u ppl must not listen to local radio ;-) they play it on magic 98.5 ALL THE TIME!! enjoy!