Thursday, August 19, 2010

her new dress

365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

that's the idea behind this chica's very cool blog, "new dress a day". several months ago, marisa lost her job. to help herself out of a rut, she decided to challenge herself with spending $1 a day, every day for a year to buy and remake a dress.

day 245

she's cute, she's perky and her accompanying anecdotes are really funny.

she is currently on day 263 and her upcycled frocks are pretty amazing!

check this out:

huge dress before
huge dress after
pink dress before
pink dress after
last example-
red, white and blue before
red, white and blue after so, check her out, she will inspire you to go ahead and keep that old bride's maid dress!!

oh, and one last thing, take a gander at these two pics- the first one is my niece, kip and the second one is miss marisa above....they are possibly twin sisters of different mothers!!

grateful today:
1. that the rain stopped
2. that i get to torture my daughters any time i want
3. that t.willie's bedtime is EARLY!


  1. Way cool blog!! That gal sure knows what to do with a buck...

  2. And, I think you're right about those twins...

  3. That's just what you look like when you eat an In N Out burger.. Come visit me and I'll show you!