Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the things he says

t.willie, like most preschoolers, says a lot of funny things. he is smart and he is observant and he hears everything!

the other day, he and i were throwing a pillow at each other, just being silly. after a short while, he started throwing things off his mother's bed. when she asked him what he was doing, he laid down and said "clearing a spot, gammie wore me out!"

a couple days ago, t.w was whining and carrying on about something (or nothing!) and it was getting on my nerves. so i told him to stop his fake crying. he whined back at me "i can't stop my fake crying!"

today, he and i went to the hospital to visit bilbo who is currently working there (doing construction). so i explained that this was a hospital and we were going to meet pop there. as t.w. and i were approaching the automatic glass doors, he looked upward and said with assurance, "this is the airport!"

and the best one:

we were at my parents' house and animal planet was on tv. the story was about a three legged dog who had been taken in by a caring family. i said to t.w. "see, that dog is missing a leg. but he doesn't mind."
and he thought for a few seconds and said "let's find him a leg."

1. that the long, hot summer is coming to an end...i hope!
2. for fresh corn on the cob
3. that a funny little guy lives with me- i mean t.willie, not my honey, bilbo baggins! although i am glad he lives with me too!


  1. You know, "outta the mouths of babes". So glad you write them down and share with us...

  2. As I said before Joanne, this little fellow is a real sunshine! First time I saw him in your blog he got my attention - look at this picture - such a little womanizer!!!

  3. I like the 'lets find him a leg' best. Kids you gotta love 'em. I once told my son when he was small he was lyin' and he said "no me not me don't have no big hair". I laughed for days....

  4. that's MY boy! i done good (if i do say so myself!)