Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my childhood christmas list

my childhood christmas list was a mile long. no kidding. i wanted it all. i waited around in early november for the sears catalog wish book to arrive. i'd quickly sneak it away to my room like an addict with his next hit. oh, i'd be drooling before i even turned back the cover, just anticipating all the wonders inside. i'd pore over the slick pages with a pen at the ready, circling all the treasures i wanted santa to bring.

when mom finally got around to asking for our lists to santa, somewhere in early december, i was READY!! my list was the picture of organization. each item was written down with item number, page number and full description. i didn't want santa to mess up and bring me the wrong toys.

my younger sister, on the other hand, would ask for a stuffed animal or two. that's it! two silly stuffed animals! what a fool, i thought, she's missing her chance at the riches from santa's wishbook...i mean workshop! what's wrong with her???

my older sister and brother had lists too, i suppose, but i don't remember much about them. because, let's face it, it was all about ME!

but when christmas morning FINALLY came, santa brought all kinds of presents for them and most of what i asked for too. the christmases of my childhood were always magical, always filled with family and toys and fun. just as a child's christmas should be.

when our two girls were young, i tried to bring that special magic to their christmas holidays. they were good girls and i loved playing santa. and now, with t.willie, i'd like that element of enchantment to be his too. but maybe with less of a focus on the material gains and more on the spirit of giving and goodwill.

nah, who am i kidding? it's still all about the toys.
and maybe i'll even let him play with some!

here are some of my faves from way back when:

barbies and all their stuff

coloring books and crayons

play doh

paper dolls


school supplies for playing school

pretty dresses

art supplies

feel free to send this list to santa...


  1. I am laughing out loud! Mostly because you haven't changed a lick. You still want every "toy" in the catalogue... :)

  2. I still love playing Play Doh. Luckily one of my clients is 3 so I have an excuse to. He likes me to make snakes, to which he says "sssss," then chops them up with his plastic Play Doh knife.

  3. Oh my gosh - I'm dying over this post!! I used to do the same thing with the Wishbook. Oh, how I wish I had saved a few of them. They were truly magical!
    And that Malibu Barbie - I'll never forget the day I got mine. (they just re-released her: Val.must.have!)
    Thanks for the memories Joanne - and enjoy every second of that enchanting time with T.Willy!

  4. Ah, Joey, those were the days...takes me wayyyy back. I still have a pic of me with Santa! *grin* It's an old black and white...i should blog it :) I just have a feeling t.willie's Christmas will be super special, as he has such wonderful people around him to love and share. BIG hugs to you all xoxo And a very Merry Christmas!

    p.s. I used to love getting art supplies when I was about 7 or 8, but never had a Barbie, just a big walking Suzie doll. I am older than Barbie :( LOL

  5. hey don't we still have that doll?!!!!

  6. yes, elle, we still have baby ann! some dolls you just don't give away...

  7. Hahaha, you never got over playing with toys. How about a post highlighting your Fisher-Price Little People collection?

  8. Loved this - Christmas was always so magical and one of my worst days was when I found out about the no Santa thing. I was crushed. I got to relive that magic when my boys were little and I guess when I get a t. willie or willet I will get to have that fun again!!