Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i'm a failure!!!

okay, i admit it, i have failed you all! my last post announced a countdown to my blogiversary, then no countdown happened, and now it's THE DAY of my blogiversary and i have NO plan!!! i have been wracking my brain as to what i could offer as a drawing prize but i have come up empty-headed!!! hahaha get it?

anyway, this is to say, i am still working on it. the bleak winter months seem to make me gloomy and addlepated.
please just keep hangin' with me...i'll come up with some great idea, i just KNOW i will!

1. for you, you awesome blog readers!
2. for orange circus peanuts that cheer me up
3. for magazines in my mailbox


  1. Why don't you offer one or some of your beautiful cards!!!! Girl get a grip you have beautiful things to offer!!

  2. No worries Joanne - a failure you are not. We'll celebreate that blogiversary when you are good and ready!
    Only a little over 1 more month of winter - that's something to celebrate today!

  3. Addlepated, I love it! Me too!!! xo

  4. Hang loose, goose! Your readers love your blog and wish you would blog more often; I guess it's all right if you adore circus peanuts; I love magazines in my mailbox, in fact anything that isn't a bill, and your blog is a hit! Over 6,000 of them, so, hang loose goose and be happy; nobody minds if you're behind schedule: you lead a busy life :) Surely that's what blogaversaries are all about? Hugz. xxx

  5. god...those stinky, awful circus peanuts. i thought only ONE person i knew liked those things. does Linda like 'em too?

  6. Circus peanuts are NOT awful!! What's the matter with him???
    Anyway, happy blogiversary and I look forward to the upcoming celebration (when you're ready).