Tuesday, February 1, 2011

he's such a BOY!

t.willie attended a little friend's 6th birthday party on sunday. the party was at a small community center with a small playground. luckily, the weather was pretty mild because all he wanted to do was play outside.

there were many kids there, of varying ages and sizes. t.w. didn't care much whether anyone paid any attention to him or not. he was content to dig with sticks, pick up handfuls of mulch, stomp in the mud and collect acorns.

he did enjoy the few pieces of playground equipment that were available. and soon, found a little girl about his age to play with. morgan was 4 and much less wild than the older boys who were chasing each other around.

here is the conversation as they were climbing onto a tree stump::

he- can you climb all the way up little girl?
me- t.w., her name is morgan.
she- that's ok, he can call me little girl because i am a little girl actually.

hahaha too funny! i remember when t.w. went through his "actually" phase. every sentence he said was peppered with "actually". apparently, this was where morgan was at, she must have said it ten times!

i was proud to see t.w. playing so well with another kid. he can sometimes be the bully. although, at one point, he was running after morgan with a stick-turned-gun and saying "pow pow pow"! but she was laughing so i guess that's okay!

grateful today :
1. still and again for my massage therapist, jennifer
2. for my hubby-STILL!
3. for the bread i pulled out of the freezer, which came from new jersey this past summer and was delicious with our hot, homemade soup


  1. The "actually" phase is pretty common, I reckon, and t.w. sure is a boy's boy! LOL I guess that means he'll grow to be a man's man :) Long way off yet though...kids are so funny. I'm glad he enjoyed himself, but sorry you have need of a massage therapist :( I'm currently having acupuncture for my back and it's helping, thank goodness. Hugz. xxx

  2. Nothing like some fine NJ bread on a cold winter night :)
    Love your T Willy stories and the 'actually' phase. My son was there for a little while. Good memories.

  3. Glad you had a fun day, with nice weather. It's been pretty crappy here - actually.

  4. Sure looks like he was enjoying himself, and "little girl". He is growing up much to fast, actually...

  5. he is one cute boy, glad he played so well....actually.

  6. I have a feeling my "actually" phase was longer than the average.

  7. My 19 year says he is 'an adult actually' and I say "You are?" and actually he is not.....

  8. hahahaha love all the "actually" stories!

  9. I enjoyed them too, very much, actually