Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my pal val is a talented gal

i have been hanging out at "paper and cookies", the awesome blog of val for awhile now. she is a paper crafter, like me. but, unlike me, she makes stuff all the time, every week! check out her blog- her cards and scrapbook layouts are beautiful! i like to click on each of her images and enlarge them to really see  how amazing her work is.

also, unlike me, val has had her work published in popular crafts magazines and is on the design teams of several online sites and blogs. check out her resume here.she is HUGELY talented, because, not only is she a great paper artist, but she is also a wonderful cookie artist! yes, she decorates cookies beautifully too.

i have gotten to know val a bit through her blog, my blog and facebook. she is a fellow "jersey gal" (yes, i'm in tennessee now) and lives not far from where i grew up. she's friendly and funny and a real busy mom of two. go check out her blog and tell her aurorafedora sent ya!!

grateful today for :
1. my new craft room
2. chocolate
3. internet friends


  1. WOW! Val IS a talented gal!! Those baby bottle cookies are adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh, Joanne! You are too kind and I am honored to be on your blog like this!!
    I'm so glad I met you out here in the blog world - thank you for making my day. Anytime you are back in Jersey, just give me a ring :)

  3. I went to visit her and she is REALLY amazing! Beautiful card art indeed! And her resume is very impressing!
    Thank you for sharing this Joanne! Have a lovely day!!!

  4. Lovely pages at "craft and cookies". Like Suzula, I loved the baby bottle cookies and also the bat cookies! Val is such a prolific poster...glad that a friendship has arisen between two like minded gals :).

  5. hi Joanne, came over from Val's blog. She is a gem, isn't she? Your tribute post to her is beautiful. I love the way you write and your grateful list is something I do myself. :) I'm a new follower of the hellhole. {which is just too funny!!! - we lived in a house once that we called the "money pit". I like the "hellhole" better though.} ~patti

  6. those cookies look good - I am on my way over to her blog right now......

  7. Im grateful for chocolate as well, Joanne! And Val and her incredible talent as well!