Saturday, January 29, 2011

bahama mama??

so, we returned thursday from our bahama cruise. five days away from the hellhole. away from the every day stresses. away from t.willie and bilbo baggins and buster the wonder dog...

 five days with "the gals"- to be silly and laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. five days to eat and EAT all that bountiful cruise food. five days to breathe sea air and relax and u.n.w.i.n.d .

 but here is what i want to say- although all that was nice, i am happy to be back home. what i discovered is, i am not a cruise kinda gal. i was overwhelmed by the crowds and the glitz and lights and shine of the cruise ship. the noise and activity was a bit much for this "home gal".

nassau-was not impressed

my ideal vacation would be a plane ride to a nice hotel and sitting on a beach reading a book (or two)for a few days. yes, now THAT would be a real retreat from the chaos of the hellhole!!

this beach at half moon cay-was INCREDIBLE!! (photo courtesy of grace)

i do thank my mom and grace for the experience. it WAS fun and we DID laugh--a LOT!!
but, alas, the only shipboard romance i had was the one with the dessert display!!

 i was here! (photo courtesy of grace)

grateful today for:

1. being back home with my family
2. warmer weather here at home


  1. Coming home IS always the best part, but I'm glad we had these few days of sun and fun and togetherness...

  2. I don't think I'm a cruising gal either but I'd give anything right now to not have to look at snow!
    Welomce home - nice to have you back :)

  3. I've never been on anything much larger than a dinghy, so we'll never know if I'm a "cruise ship kinda gal"! LOL. I would say not, though, knowing my dislike of crowds and noise. Glad you got home safe and with a freckle or two for good measure. You were missed I bet...your lovely smile would be hard to do without for long :)

  4. Welcome back Joanne - I missed you!!! :-)

  5. Welcome back I am so glad you got to get away to the sun and surf and all that food. Still like Dorothy says "there's no place like home"

  6. You should have taken me with you! And I'm so telling Brent you called him T. Willie! He'll die. P.S. Brent loved that tea. -Amber