Monday, January 3, 2011

how in the WORLD did you find my blog??

today, with the approach of my one year blogiversary (next month), i would like to ask you- my loyal visitors- how you managed to find my blog. according to my maploco map (in the side bar), i have had 6,425 all time visitors since i added the map to my blog. that number astounds and amazes me!

now, if you have ever clicked on my map, you will see that just over 1000 of those are from sparta, my town. ok, so even if ya throw them out, that's STILL over 5000 visitors! hoo-wee, that still impresses me.

but, as happy as i am to think that that many folks have been to/read my silly stuff, i have to wonder HOW IN THE WORLD did they find me?

so, here is the favor i want to ask all of you who read this particular post-----
PLEASE leave a comment or send me an email (, and tell me how you found my blog.

as an added bit of fun, tell me how many subliminal messages you found.
hint: count up all the bold print words

make sure you leave an email address where i can contact you. and in my next blog post, i will put all the names into a hat and have t.willie choose three names. those lucky people will

win one of these pretty little necklaces. these were purchased from the hunger site. they depict the world with a peace sign on one side and say "cultivate peace" on the other. they hang from a silver-tone chain.

i will announce the winners friday night.

so please please please leave me a message and spread the word...


  1. A mystery... I LOVE mysteries!!
    Can't wait to real all those comments from all over the world, so COME ON everyone, do it!!!! :)

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  3. Here in NJ it's all they talk about - Hellhole this, Hellhole that. There's really nothing else to do here, but read "The HD" as we call it. I can't remember the first time I read it - back in '89, I think it was. Been hooked ever since.

  4. Well Jo, I guess you already know how I found you and I have recommended your blog to others to check out as it's funny and true to life. This is a super idea for a blog post...wish I'd thought of it :)

    Hope you get some great answers! Love from down Under, xoxoxo

  5. I found you because you found me!! Your comments were so funny and the name of your blog cracked me up. I had to come and see who this person living in the Hellhole was. I was instantly hooked but your wit & charm!

  6. Joanne I honestly do not remember how I found you! But I am glad I did! Have fun with your lottery!

  7. Joanne- I found you through me! Thanks for "introducing yourself" to me by posting on my website/blog, BeFreeForMe.

    Cheers and Here's to a great 2011!
    Be Free!

  8. Happy early blogiversary! I found your blog because you commented on my blog. :)

  9. Hey - I found you because you're family!! I love the blog.

  10. I found your blog through Suzula, your greatest fan. Have enjoyed it very much!!!
    Too funny! You should write books

    uh, 62?