Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-- BE GONE!!

all things considered, this past year was not so bad. that is, if ya don't consider the complete meltdown of just about all our appliances (most recently-my printer), that the ants are STILL residing in our home, that i'm still cleaning up cat and dog messes on a regular basis, that i'm still fighting it out between food and my body and that the hellhole is no more organized than it was a year ago.

but....on the other hand, i have five more fingers!

ha! no, really, on the other hand, my life is pretty good. for instance:

1. no more diapers at the hellhole

2. t.willie no longer takes a nap every day but when he does, he no longer strips naked or demolishes his room

3. kaye's health/life is getting straightened out

4. elle has settled in to her new hours and position at work

5. bilbo's job is secure, as opposed to many many folks who have been laid off

6. i will be going on a cruise to the bahamas next month

7. replaced hated bagless vacuum with a bagged vacuum that i love, and if you vacuumed every day, this would be a biggie for you too!

8. i have pets who give me companionship and unconditional love

9. i have gotten reacquainted with old friends via facebook

10. and most importantly, i have the love and support of my family

so, yes, things could be better, but- they could be worse, much worse! i am lucky and i know it.
good bye 2010--hello 2011!!
i hope this new year brings us all amazing things.

happy new year to all of you, my faithful bloggy friends!


  1. Yes, 2010 was a pretty good year, all things considered. Lots to be thankful for...
    Here's to 2011 and health and happiness to all those I love!!

  2. appliances be damned...great things on that list Joanne - and a brandy-new year to come. At least you know you gained control over the machines in your house! Cross that off the list and have an awesome, happy New Year!
    (can't wait to hear your review of your cruise :)

  3. Happy New Year! I would like to think Scott and I are some of those "old friends" you are back in contact with---:) The best to your family. 2011 holds great things for all of us!

  4. Oh Jo, a proper vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas! Well done! I am grateful too, for your blog, for my computer that lets me read your blog, for the fact that you daily conquer domestic adversity mosty with a smile, and grateful that you love your family and friends :) Have a marvy cruise, and most of all may your 2011 be special,full of love and happy surprises! BIG hugs to all :)