Friday, January 7, 2011

i know but i don't know

so, in monday's post, i asked those of you who visited my blog to leave a comment. in the comment, you were to tell me how you found me and, for fun, to count the "subliminal" messages in the text. well, i have to say, i am somewhat disappointed. those of you who did leave comments (and i LOVE ya for it!) are the same friends and family who i already knew about, who i know how you found me and who comment regularly.

i am still very much in the dark about how all the other folks who supposedly visit, find me. maybe maploco really is loco and it tells me i have more visitors than i do!!! so, fine.........i'm taking a cleansing breath here............i'm letting it go. i am just going to be grateful for those of you who take the time to check out my blog every day or so, and to leave a comment to tell me what you think. it really means a lot to me. a LOT. because, as you guys know, i have no life. this blog is it!

okay, 'nuff said. i've made ya wait through all my ramblings and now it's time to tell ya who t.willie chose as the winners of the three necklaces. (yes mom, i did put your name in!)
and just remember- you are ALL winners to me!

1. val
2. emily
3. gail (who left me an email)

and also, i have a fourth necklace that is going to my friend jerd, who was the ONLY commenter to count up the subliminal messages!! woo hoo, good for you, jerd, you followed directions and had all the fun! ha!

YAY! so happy for you gals, they really are neat pieces of jewelry with a great message to "cultivate peace" in our world. please send me an email with your mailing addresses and i will get these right out to you.

grateful today:

1. for YOU guys!
2. for the chance to do something creative and make a poster
3. for children's tylenol, that takes away t.w's fever (wish him well, he's got the crud!)


  1. Sorry your experiment didn't give you the answers you had hoped for, but it was worth the try...
    Sorry I didn't win a necklace...
    And sorry that little boy is sick...

  2. well, suzula, you are just plain sorry!!!

  3. I do love directions. They are the reading material in my bathroom.
    Now for my acceptance speech: I would like to thank my mother and my father and all the little people who have made me what I am today....... **grin**

  4. I don't know who "Redrum" is but I posted that from my cellphone. Weird, huh

  5. OK, I don't know how I found you!! Maybe through Suz??? Anyway, love your blog!! xo Cait

  6. hmm jerd, i was wondering who redrum was! veddy strange, indeed!

  7. YAY!!! You have joyous winners! Peace! Sorry t.w. is under the weather, poor li'l dude. I Hope he's up and about as per usual really soon :)
    Hugs 'n' kisses xoxo