Sunday, January 9, 2011

how very unfortunate

so, a short while ago, i had been to a blog that alerted me to this fun tidbit:
do you know that if you go up to the google search engine and type in the word "unfortunately" and your name- like this- "unfortunately, joanne", it will give you many responses starting with those two words?! i know, i just had to try it. some of the responses are kind of dull but most are pretty funny and some are down right hilarious!

**remember, these are NOT my answers, i have NOT changed anything, this is NOT  actually about me and i am JUST fine! what follows are some of the responses i liked best:

ok, here is the bad news:
Unfortunately, Joanne's pre-marital bliss is ended by a devastating earthquake in Florida.

Unfortunately, Joanne's going to have to do it without her Djinn-turned-lover, who remains behind in the hands of her enemies.

Unfortunately Joanne's interest in C&W dancing was way ahead of the rest of us. She was too far ahead of the pack for this group to tolerate. ...

Unfortunately Joanne was forced off the road by a rather large lorry and ploughed through quite a few cones.

Unfortunately, Joanne was the last person to consult with when you were in need of some sound advice, because she was forever going off on these tangents ...

Unfortunately, Joanne & I got carded cause the new lady that worked there has a stick up her ass or something…

Unfortunately, Joanne is right. Here's the deal. Splenda DOES have calories -- four calories per packet!

Unfortunately Joanne did not do her research into the operation which has caused a lot of other patients a number of complications and has even caused some ...

Unfortunately, Joanne had not gotten enough Spanish lessons, and realized much later that loco was the masculine form of crazy, and that the screen name was ...

Unfortunately, Joanne has moved to Arizona, so I had to find another blonde to fill her place. (You've seen one blonde, you've seen 'em all ~smirk~)

what the...??
Unfortunately Joanne, with a fish that old it is hard to tell if you can fix it.

Unfortunately Joanne said the statistics were much worse for cats, with 408 cats impounded, 44 reclaimed and 17 rehoused. ...

Unfortunately, Joanne doesn't let her more frisky self out very often. She likes to keep her kittens caged. To those who don't know her, ...

Unfortunately Joanne was hanging onto the the nearest object that would hold her, which was a bystander's hiking boot. ...

But unfortunately , Joanne's camera is spoilt because she left it on the floor and someone stepped on it when we were playing.

Unfortunately, Joanne has been neglecting her shamanic studies for many months, so now that she needs them, she's on a crash course

Unfortunately, JoAnne and I forgot the fact that most anime fans are all-nighters and end up stuck in their beds until 11 am or so. ...

Unfortunately, Joanne had to witness all of the gooey stuff. “Ugh, I think I will be leaving now. Don't need to see my own nephew trying to get it on!

my decline:
Unfortunately, Joanne's bullying demands verge on the unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Joanne was heading in the opposite direction. She began drinking, which tore apart our relationship. The divorce hit hard. ...

Unfortunately, Joanne hit a rut and took a tumble. Thank god there weren't any cliffs at that part. She got quite a nasty cut on her right knee, ...

Unfortunately, Joanne's mobility had declined rapidly and she needed to use a wheelchair

Unfortunately, Joanne learned the hard way that keeping a tan at all costs can end up costing a person their life.

Unfortunately, Joanne is injured in a bombing masterminded by a group of white supremacists led by Tim Porter

and finally, my demise:
Unfortunately, Joanne passed away in March 2009. The book club participants pooled their money together and purchased a selection of ...

Unfortunately, Joanne died only a few weeks later. This gave Jean-Paul the idea to publicly announce his homosexuality, hoping that as a former Olympic ...

Unfortunately, Joanne passed away on 29 November, 2009. She now is watching us wistfully from Valhalla
i have to say, i had way too much fun with this! and i know, you're all saying "boy that gal has way too much time on her hands!" but if you find yourself with some time to kill, try it yourself. you may find that your Djinn-turned lover remains behind in the hands of your enemies or that your bullying demands verge on the unbelievable or  that, even now, you are watching wistfully from valhalla!! 
have fun!


  1. Unfortunately Lindsay's stuck in that unreal world of too much attention over nothing, expensive lawyers who get paid for nothing, having to make excuses ...

    July 14th 2008: Unfortunately, Lindsay was forced to withdraw from the Bank of the West Classic that started this week as she still suffers from her knee ...

    Jul 19, 2010 ... Unfortunately, Lindsay got caught up in the madness—Cannes, court, and conviction—before we had a chance to interview her, so we instead ...

  2. Watch out for that "rather large lorry" LOL

  3. My two best ones:

    Unfortunately, Susan made things worse by showing up at the review board drunk...

    Unfortunately Susan did not win the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress...

  4. hahahaha i knew you'd all have to try it!!

  5. Unfortunately, Judy's scheming best friend Carol has eyes for the same man and competes shamelessly for his affections. ...

    Unfortunately, Judy's being naughty! ...

    Unfortunately, Judy's caregivers were less than loving, ...

    Unfortunately Judy discovers the secret, comes to the wrong conclusion, and suspects the worst.

    Hey, this is fun!

  6. most of the ones for me were referring to lindsay lohan :(

  7. You don't plan on moving to Arizona, do you??? :-) :-)

  8. Well, you know how I am about being positive so I found this for you when I googled 'fortunately Joanne'....
    "I was too stunned to move, but fortunately Joanne yanked me out to safety before I drowned."

  9. Joey, I tried my name and my fave was the perils of Penelope...Penelope is about to complete the last leg of an around-the-world flight as a surprise her guardian, Sylvester Sneekly. The Hooded Claw and the Bully Brothers have sabotaged her plane and are watching her as the engines cut out. The Ant Hill Mob makes an attempt to rescue her as she jumps from the plane and into an empty eagle's nest. After that, she takes her chances in the jungle, fighting against all sorts of dangers. Will The Hooded Claw get to her first and send her to her doom or will the Ant Hill Mob get there first and rescue her?
    How cool is that? LOL and LOL YOu do come up with THE most amazing things! Hugz. xx

  10. ha! eli, that was a great one to find!! isn't this fun?!

  11. Unfortunately Linda will not be producing anymore of these with the death of her hog island female (miss peaches)
    UNFORTUNATELY - Linda's gynecologist had only one time slot left open.
    UNFORTUNATELY - Linda's gynecologist had only one time slot left open.
    Unfortunately, Linda lost because Connecticut is made up of too many dummies who know nothing about how the government runs

  12. Thank you! This just cured my boredom at work!

    This one made me chuckle:

    "Unfortunately, Lauren got herself trapped in the closet for the 3rd night in a row."

  13. Unfortunately, Valerie was injured while working with one of her bulls and was forced to pay someone to finish breaking and showing the bulls. ...

    I hate when that happens!LOL
    I might just have to do a post like funny :)Thanks for sharing this wonderous tidbit of google fun!