Friday, December 10, 2010

visions of sugar plum

no, not that kind!

i'm talking about this kinda sugar plum-funny, sweet, clever food blogger emily hobbs. i have been following em's blog for some time now and she is a hoot! still in her early twenties, she creates her own recipes and some have even gotten her recognition. she competed on food network's ultimate recipe showdown, as well as many other contests. she wins some, she does not win others, but she is a real winner when it comes to personality. she shares more than just her recipes, she shares her life- which includes boyfriend, eric.

recently, emily was chosen as a finalist in midwest living's "best of the midwest" recipe contest. emily will be representing her home state of missouri. she is a wonderful baker and she has a real chance of winning the $10,000 grand prize. the competition is tonight and i just want you all to send her some positive vibes.

please, if you like cooking and especially baking, (and even if ya don't) check out emily's blog, you will thank me for it!

1. for humor
2. for internet friends
3. for the aroma of warm baked goods


  1. ...and she's SO cute, too! Off to her blog to check her out>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Oh dear Joanne - what have you done?
    It is impossible to browse around this blog at six o.clock in the morning with an empty stomach and only a cup of coffee! I WANT cinnamon rolls NOW!
    Wow, when I started to read her blog, I thought this is an older lady, or at least middle aged (I immediately opened her post, before reading on yours), then I discovered she is so young! Adorable! Really!
    I will try those rolls next week for Shabatt!
    Thank you! Have a nice day, regards an a kiss to T.W.

  3. All I'm gonna say jo, is that you must have been hungry when you went to this blog! LOL It's full of wicked deliciousness and thoroughly naughty things! I hope Em does well in the bake-off; I suspect she might if her pix are anything to go by. Lovely blog. xxx

    p.s.Is any of it gluten free?

  4. Will be sure to check out her blog!