Thursday, May 5, 2011

views from the car...

...moving FAST!
one day, a week or so ago, bilbo and i were out driving, since it was such a gorgeous day. i had my camera with me and just started taking random pictures from the window of the car. bilbo would just shake his head at the strangeness that is me, but i was really impressed at how well my camera focused from a moving car. i just kept taking pictures, not even knowing what would end up in them. when we got home and i uploaded them, i was very happy with the outcome. maybe you will be also.  
click on any image to enlarge.

 oh yeah, this is where we live. all these shots were taken within twelve miles of our house! jealous, aren't ya?!


  1. Cool photos!! I recognize several of them...

  2. Yeah Jo, really jealous! You sure do live in a pretty part of the world. Pix are all great. You and Bilbo have the makings of a great documentary team. Try it with a video one day :) Mooing cows and bleating sheep...

  3. Hahaha- not a human in sight!

  4. I'm not jealous 'cause I live here too but you did take some awesome Spartan pics!!

  5. Wow - I'm so jealous!! I love the country - beutiful Joanne!