Monday, May 30, 2011

happy MAY-MORIAL day!!

highlights of the month of may in pictures-

t.willie in the back yard

t.w's croc stuck fast in the mud from SO.MUCH.RAIN!

first sprinkler fun of the season
still more rain...

chocolate cupcakes

some unexpected cold weather
and t.w. gets a hold of my camera..."say cheese gammie"

a goofy boy
the sign at t.willie's preschool (church) ha!
elle baking for a bake sale
me baking for the wedding (see last post)
mom's pond
t.w's last day of preschool
and the "forget-me-not" pot we made for his teacher
gettin silly on the porch

this cat loves this boy (and vice versa)

fresh blueberry rum lemonade :)
learning new tricks
hanging in the "hangnick"

helping pop mow...sorta
first time in the pool this season
the end

grateful for a great month.


  1. Yayayay!!!!! Love this post full of smiles! May was a busy, busy month for the hellhole gang and it looks like Summer is just around your corner. Here, tomorrow is the first day of Winter...brrrr :) Luv 'n' hugz to all. xoxoxo

  2. Wonderful Joanne! Lucky you!!!

  3. Ok in that picture below yours where you say goofy boy - you have the same smile!!! Just sayin'. Nice pics thank for the tour de May.

  4. Oh, been trying to comment for days, but the comment box wasn't there! Looks like a busy month, but busier days are coming! Good luck!

  5. Looks like you had a great Memorial day, your little boy is really cute!

  6. FINALLY got back my ability to comment on blogs!!!

  7. What great photos - that is one happy little guy!

  8. I agree!! He looks so happy! I smile every time I see pics! The pond is beautiful!