Wednesday, May 18, 2011

not a laughing matter ?

t.w.'s preschool held their end-of-year program. he sat and yawned through most of it, while the other children stood and sang and did all the hand motions. later, on the way home, we realized he had been getting sick. i apologize for the quality of these pics, bad lighting and zoom lens is to blame. enjoy anyway...

here he is...still standing.
now, he's down and doing some open-close leg action.
about to try a somersault here...
 it looks like blake is about to go also!
yup, there he goes!
and finally, receiving his faux diploma from his teacher-the courageous and valiant miss fannie. (get that kid off the stage!) seriously, the other parents(and teachers) may have thought he was a distraction, but we thought it was pretty funny! wish we had a video.

grateful for:
1. fresh cut grass
2. honeysuckle
3. freshly washed little boys


  1. I was there, and I thought it was funny, too. He wasn't distracting; just off in his own world...

  2. I would have thought it funny too!
    That kid is never boring!

  3. This is just too funny. They have so many things to distract them at this age. I'm sure everyone got a real kick out of it, and he'll be able to laugh at the pictures when he's older. Hope he's feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting with me too.

  4. Hahaha that's so funny and cute!

  5. Thanks for sharing these!! They grow up too fast! I love the way you add what you are grateful for at the end of your posts!!!