Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spring has sprung in middle tennessee!

ah spring!

t.willie loves dandelions. he likes them when they're yellow. he likes them when they're gray and fuzzy. he often brings me bouquets of them. the yellow ones are nice, the gray- not so much! and, apparently, he likes rubbing them on his face. he said he was smelling them, but with his mouth?? don't ask me....he's weird but we like him!

the weather has been mostly beautiful here in the last few weeks. our daffodils bloomed in late february, now we have redbud and dogwood and tulips- oh my!! 

 my parents live more out in the country than we do. it's beautiful in their valley. here are some pics:

this is definately THE BEST time of year to visit tennessee. it's gorgeous!
so if any of you are planning a visit, come in the spring! ya'll come!!

grateful today for:
1. the sunshine
2. the blue sky
3. dandelion bouquets brought by little blonde boys


  1. Love those pics and I am lovin' this weather. You are more in bloom down there in the valley of the ho ho ho green giant - but up here on the mountain it is a little slower. Oh and ya gotta love that yellow boy.

  2. Beautiful photos of MY valley!! I love spring here in TN...
    Sweet little yellow-face boy, too!

  3. Awesome pics! T.Willy's yellow face is pretty awesome too! They are soft and smell good if ya like those kinda things. I love the valley pics! Is there anyway we could go on a visit with you guys sometime and do some pictures?

  4. Gorgeous pix Jo, with t.willie starring in a magnificent role as The Sprite Of Spring! Gotta love him and the pix and Spring and Autumn, the transient seasons :) Hugz. xoxo

  5. This boy is too sweet! And your photos are wonderful Joanne, what a beautiful place to live at! Have a good weekend! :-)

  6. Many, many thanks for your comment on my blog!! I am just getting started with it and am a bit nervous about people trying my recipes!! I rarely cook with recipes and don't measure:(! I started the blog at the request of friends and family . . . I do get emails and texts from friends but not to many comments on the blog yet! If you try anything I hope it turns out good!! Thanks again!!! Your photos are gorgeous! and your grandson is adorable! I wish I would have written more when our kids were little! They grow so fast!